The Fund to End Violence Against Children
Call for proposals to address online violence

We support activities to achieve the vision of the Global Partnership – A world in which every child grows up free from violence.

Specifically, the Fund provides financial support to programs and activities that further the Partnership’s goal of accelerating action in three priority areas


Preventing “on-line” violence, with a particular focus on sexual exploitation..

Every-day life

Addressing violence in the every-day lives of children, with an initial focus on investments in Pathfinder countries and sub-national actors to implement evidence based programming.

Children in crisis

Addressing the prevention of violence against children facing conflict and crisis.

$ 0 million
$ 0 million

Progress to date - 2017

The Fund is supported by a £40 million pledge from the UK Government and US$5 million from Human Dignity Foundation, both focusing on work to prevent online violence. The Fund is grateful to the support of its existing donors and is currently seeking contributions to two other funding windows; supporting pathfinder countries and violence in humanitarian settings.

Fifteen national and transnational projects working to end online sexual exploitation and abuse of children were awarded grants in April 2017 following the first call for proposals from the Fund. The Fund received more than 250 submissions from every region of the world, highlighting the global scope of the challenge.

The second Call for Proposals closed on 30 September, with applications under review.

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Partners of the Fund

WePROTECT Global Alliance
The WePROTECT Global Alliance to End Online Child Sexual Exploitation is a co-ordinated global response by governments, technology companies and civil society to end online child sexual exploitation. The Fund to End Violence against Children has partnered with the WePROTECT Global Alliance to work together to develop the first priority area of the Fund – online child sexual exploitation. View Statements of Action here.
UNICEF acts as the financial custodian on behalf of the Fund. Firewalls ensure that decisions on the allocation of funding are made entirely independently of UNICEF and in line with the priorities of the Partnership.

More About The Fund

The Fund aims to prove through “catalytic” investment that evidence based programming yields tangible results and there is an “investment case” to be made, in particular with regard to national resources; it does not intend to replace existing financing at country or global levels, or fund large scale programs. WHO and US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have suggested the Fund seeks to raise USD 1 billion (CDC, 2016). Such an investment would also serve as a “call to action” for the allocation of at least 1 USD for every child affected by violence.

How does it work?

The Board of the Global Partnership sets the overall strategy of the Partnership including establishing the vision, mission and goals to which the Fund will contribute. A Fund Steering Committee sets the overall programme and funding priorities of the Fund and makes decisions on allocations of individual grants. The Steering Committee is supported by a Fund Unit housed within UNICEF, where the Partnership Secretariat also sits, and reporting to the Director of the Partnership. The Unit administers the Fund on behalf of the Steering Committee. UNICEF hosts the Fund and serves as Fund Custodian and Administrator.

The Fund will focus on catalytic grants to governments, UN agencies, civil society groups, and other partners. Proposals correspond to a prescribed structure and are submitted on-line. Grants will range from US$250,000 to USD$1 million, administered over a one to three year time frame.

Applicants would need to fulfill a range of criteria, including established legal identity and track record and capacity to demonstrate results. Importantly, applications will need to explicitly reference the Partnership objectives and how activities will contribute to achievement of these objectives. They will need to demonstrate an integrated approach (eg. the fund will not support vertical child programs) and a monitoring and evaluation plan that aligns with the Fund’s monitoring framework.

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