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Anti-bullying and positive discipline programmes tackle violence in Indonesia’s schools

The two-pronged approach has seen violence decline dramatically

Violence in schools takes a variety of forms – corporal punishment, physical attacks, and psychological aggression are but a few examples. In a bid to create violence-free learning environments, Indonesia has adopted a two-pronged approach: a student-led anti-bullying initiative and positive discipline training for teachers. 

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Scared at school: how Uganda cut violence against schoolchildren by 42%

96% of primary school children experience violence — Uganda is taking action

(This article first appeared at Apolitical)

Uganda has cut violence against children by 42% in primary schools by using the Good School Toolkit, a six-step, open-source programme aimed at ending teachers’ use of corporal punishment.


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Global cash injection takes battle to end online child sexual abuse imagery to the next level

The Fund to End Violence Against Children has awarded the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF), the UK based international online safety charity, a grant to set up 30 Reporting Portal solutions in some of the world’s least developed countries.

In an historic move, the funding will enable countries to provide a quick and easy way for their web users to safely and anonymously report disturbing online images and videos of child sexual abuse.

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Children take part of the Eight Milestones of a Global Campaign for Violence Prevention

On October 19th and 20th, the Canadian Government and the Public Health Agency of Canada, hosted the eighth Milestones Meeting of a Global Campaign for Violence Prevention, on behalf of the World Health Organization. The theme for this year’s meeting was, Translating Sustainable Development Goal Violence Prevention Targets into National and Local Action.

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End Violence Session at the Youth Assembly in New York

End Violence Secretariat together with World Vision International and ChildFund Alliance led today a workshop at the Youth Assembly in New York. The session titled “Building a Global Movement to End Violence Against Children” was actively attended by over 140 youth delegates form countries all over the world who exchanged views and learnt about the global epidemic of violence against children and the various solutions to different forms of violence.

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Mexico Launches its End Violence Nation Action Plan​

Our pathfinding country Mexico presented its Action Plan to End Violence Against Children on August 2nd. More than 450 people from the federal, state and municipal governments, United Nations agencies and the academic, business and civil society sectors participated in the launch. On this occasion, they committed to taking action to prevent and respond to violence. The Action Plan was elaborated by the government, civil society and UNICEF and integrates 31 priority actions articulated around INSPIRE, to be implemented in the next 18 months.

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