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Stockholm Solutions Summit: Ending violence against children by 2030 is possible and everyone is accountable

STOCKHOLM, 15 February 2018 – Leaders and representatives from the United Nations, government, civil society and the private sector renewed their commitment to ending violence against children by 2030 at the first-ever End Violence Solutions Summit which concluded in Stockholm today.

A child dies from violence every five minutes worldwide, and at least 1 billion children endure some sort of physical, sexual or emotional violence every year.

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How Paraguay’s executive puts the rights of the child at the centre of government

Public commitments have led to legislative reform and strengthened response services for child victims

For too long, preventing violence against children has rested on the shoulders of NGOs, civil society and philanthropists. Political will – and the robust institutions required to drive change – has waxed and waned. Now, in Paraguay, the highest levels of government have committed to 20 wide-ranging commitments to protect children, and built the institutions required to turn promises into policy.

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How Nigeria is rebuilding resilience among communities ravaged by armed insurgency

Children harmed by armed groups require comprehensive support to live normal lives

In times of emergency, children experience trauma that can irreversibly harm their life chances. In northeastern Nigeria, over 12,000 children have been killed or wounded during the conflict since 2009, and 1.7 million people remain displaced. 

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Anti-bullying and positive discipline programmes tackle violence in Indonesia’s schools

The two-pronged approach has seen violence decline dramatically

Violence in schools takes a variety of forms – corporal punishment, physical attacks, and psychological aggression are but a few examples. In a bid to create violence-free learning environments, Indonesia has adopted a two-pronged approach: a student-led anti-bullying initiative and positive discipline training for teachers. 

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Scared at school: how Uganda cut violence against schoolchildren by 42%

96% of primary school children experience violence — Uganda is taking action

(This article first appeared at Apolitical)

Uganda has cut violence against children by 42% in primary schools by using the Good School Toolkit, a six-step, open-source programme aimed at ending teachers’ use of corporal punishment.


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