A Theory of Change for the Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children

Violence against children is both a human rights violation and a challenge for global public health, social and economic development, which incurs huge costs for both individuals and society.

The Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children (End Violence) offers an opportunity for governments, United Nations agencies, international organizations, civil society, faith groups, the private sector, philanthropic foundations, researchers and academics, and children themselves, to work together – with a greater sense of urgency, passion and commitment – to prevent and respond to violence against children. As the only universal, multi-sectoral multi-stakeholder, prevention and solution oriented initiative working in this area, its value proposition is unique.

The Partnership’s three goals will help accelerate action and implement work at scale, sharing and implementing evidence-based strategies by:

Building Political will

The Partnership will build and sustain political will to achieve the SDGs and end violence against children, promoting evidence based strategies that will lead to significant, sustained and measurable reductions in violence.

Accelerating Action

Partners will work together to accelerate action to tackle the violence that children face, with an initial focus on countries that wish to lead the movement to end violence.

Strengthening Collaboration

The Partnership will strengthen collaboration among and between countries, and with civil society and other stakeholders. They will be encouraged to confront shared threats and develop shared solutions, acknowledging that violence against children cannot be considered in isolation from the broader context of violence.

End Violence represents an historic opportunity to affect the changes we want to see in the world by:

  • Establishing violence against children as a preventable issue that can be ended
  • Providing multi-sectoral models of country action, based on INSPIRE and beyond
  • Catalyzing an exponential increase in resources; and
  • Providing a multi-stakeholder forum for acceleration and accountability around the issue

This Theory of Change will help guide and support analysis, program planning, implementation and monitoring and evaluation for improved development results at global and country level where the Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children is engaged.