Join us! Apply as a Member and/or Partner Organisation.

We encourage engagement from governments, UN agencies, civil society organizations, academics, business leaders and a range of other stakeholders. The rationale for three categories is to be as inclusive as possible, welcoming all interested parties and allowing them to increase their level of engagement over time.

Stakeholders can choose to engage at three levels: as ‘Friends’, ‘Members’ and/or ‘Partners’.

  • Friends of End Violence are individuals (e.g. independent experts) that will receive regular updates on the achievements of the Partnership.
  • Members work to end violence against children in accordance with the End Violence principles. Membership does not involve issuing formal commitments but entails an application procedure. There is no membership fee associated with the Partnership.
  • Partners agree to execute part/s of the End Violence business plan. Partners follow the same process as members up until a certain point after which, through a ‘call to action’, they commit publically to a specific initiative. Partners are by definition also Members.

For more information on how you can engage, please read the stakeholder engagement policy.