The Partnership builds and sustains political will to achieve the SDGs and end violence against children, promoting evidence-based strategies that will lead to significant, sustained and measurable reductions in violence.

Most governments accept that violence against children is a serious problem, but few countries have committed to and taken action on a scale needed to achieve measurable reductions in violence. The Partnership will advocate for more urgent action to end all forms of violence, catalyse debate at national, regional and global levels and make the case for increased investment in programmes that are shown to effectively prevent and respond to violence.

1. All countries commit to and take action to end violence against all children.

The Partnership will provide a platform for all countries to commit to meeting their binding obligation to prevent violence against children and protect children from violence where it does occur, under the Convention on the Rights of the Child and other relevant human rights treaties. It will underline the need for timely attention to the Concluding Observations of the Committee on the Rights of the Child. The Partnership will support countries in delivering on the globally agreed targets for ending all forms of violence and exploitation.

2. Violence against children and the actions needed to prevent it are part of national, regional and global discourse.

To strengthen the case for action and investment, the Partnership will act as a platform for debate about the scale, nature and distribution of violence against children, and about the interventions needed to prevent and respond. Full cooperation with international, regional and national human rights and child rights mechanisms will be promoted.

3. All countries see an increase in finances put towards ending violence and exploitation in all settings.

Agenda 2030 is based on the commitment of a world that invests in its children and in which every child grows up free from violence and exploitation. The Partnership will advocate for all countries to set out a realistic plan for increasing finance and for mainstreaming the prevention of violence against children into budgeting and programmes.