Partners will work together to accelerate action to tackle the violence that children face, with an initial focus on countries that wish to lead the movement to end violence.

Through the SDGs, all countries have made a commitment to ending violence against children. In line with the principle of inclusivity, the Partnership will provide a platform for any country that is prepared to take action to meet this commitment. Our focus will be on comprehensive, coordinated and multi-sectoral services for preventing and responding to violence, and on legislation. Children in conflict settings require special attention.

1. All countries adopt national legislation, policies and programmes to protect children from violence and exploitation, including online violence.

TThe Partnership will advocate for all countries to review, and amend as necessary, existing legislation, policies and programmes and to adopt and implement a gender-sensitive, rights-based legal framework that will effectively keep all children safe, secure and out of danger, including protecting them from physical and humiliating punishment and sexual violence.

2. Pathfinder countries provide increased access for children to comprehensive, coordinated and multi-sectoral services.

Pathfinder countries are those whose leaders have made a formal pledge to support actions to end all forms of violence against children and put that pledge to action through implementing the INSPIRE technical package at scale and monitor its effects. These strategies are most effective when implemented as part of a comprehensive, multi-sectoral plan that harnesses synergies, as the strategies are intended to work in combination and reinforce one another.

3. Children affected by violence, including those in conflict settings and those on the move, can access child-centred services and programmes.

All children who are affected by violence must have access to comprehensive, coordinated, multi-sectoral services of acceptable quality. The Partnership will advocate for a significant increase in investment to strengthen the broader systems needed to meet minimum standards of access for children in all countries, including health and education. Social services must be integrated with and supported by other sectors. Children who are affected by conflict will need special attention in line with the Agenda 2030 commitment to reach the furthest behind first.