The Secretariat is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Partnership, supporting the operations of the Board and Executive Committee, and the associated Fund. The Secretariat is hosted by UNICEF in New York, with some team members also posted in Geneva. 

Dr Howard Taylor is serving as Executive Director of the End Violence Secretariat. The small staff focuses on strategy, governance, partner and country engagement, advocacy, resource mobilization and communications. 

The Secretariat also drives exchanges on lessons learned and best practice, including through the bi-annual organization of the global ‘Solutions Summit’. 

End Violence relies on partners to support development and implementation of program strategies and country action plans. Where gaps are identified, the Secretariat may be called upon to catalyze action, provide support or advice, and identify technical assistance.

Staff Member Title  
Howard Taylor Executive Director  
Sally Burnheim Chief, Fund Unit  
Gerry Dyer Chief of Office  
Emma Green Private Sector Adviser UK Government secondee
Sabine Rakotomalala Senior Adviser Swiss Government secondee (Geneva)
Pierfrancesco Maria Natta Senior Adviser UNHCR secondee (Geneva)
Mary Catherine Maternowska Data, Evidence and Solutions Specialist (Geneva)
Marija Manojlovic Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist  
Rafael Hermoso Resources Mobilization Manager, Fund Unit  
Trang Ho Morton Planning Specialist (Grants & Recipient Support), Fund Unit  
Natasha Javed Partnerships Officer  
Anila Ahmed Programme Assistant  
Victoria Prepelita Programme Assistant, Fund Unit